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You must be a therapy client at DBT Center to gain access to our 24 hour coaching service.

There is no extra cost for this service to our clients.

At the Houston DBT Center, we understand that continuing your growth is just as important as beginning it. That’s why we offer specialized coaching in Houston via videoconferencing for those who are not suicidal but are eager to maintain and build upon the progress they’ve achieved in therapy. Coaching is different from therapy; it’s about applying the valuable skills you’ve learned in treatment to real-world situations that you face every day. It’s a focused, practical approach that helps ensure the gains you’ve made are effectively integrated into your daily life.

Coaching is all about exploring new possibilities, solving problems, and tackling obstacles that might seem overwhelming at first. With a supportive coach by your side, you’ll receive not only encouragement but also constructive feedback that helps you hone your abilities. This tailored support empowers you to utilize your strengths to their fullest potential, helping you achieve the personal and professional goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether you’re facing a challenging situation or just need a boost to keep moving forward, our coaching sessions are here to support your journey towards sustained success and fulfillment.

Not sure what to do? Our coaching in Houston is available 24 Hours and here to help.

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