Frequently Asked Questions

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What insurances do you accept?

The Center is in network with Aetna. This means that if you have Aetna, you can use your insurance benefits to pay for the sessions. In most cases you will have a copay as well. Some of our therapists are on Cigna and BCBS, but not all. If you have out-of-network benefits, we can provide a receipt for you to submit your charges to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement by  the insurance company.

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What are the fees for sessions?

For individual sessions, the rates range from $95 to $220 per session. 

For most groups the rates are $75 per hour.

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Is it possible to attend group sessions at the Center and see an individual therapist outside the Center?

Yes, you can attend group sessions at the Center If you and your individual therapist decide that it would be beneficial. We will work with your individual therapist to determine if it would be helpful.

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How do I make an appointment?

Call us at 713-973-2800.  Our office manager will ask some basic questions and provide you with intake forms to complete. You’ll receive a call from the therapist to schedule your intake appointment. We ask that you complete the forms prior to your first session so that you can have the benefit of the full session time. If the forms aren’t completed prior to the sessions, your therapist will work with you to help you complete them.

Or use our Contact page to send a message & schedule a consultation

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Will I continue to see the therapist who I meet at the intake appointment?

Your first session is an intake session. During this session the therapist will ask questions to understand your goals and the reasons you are seeking therapy. The therapist who talks with you during your intake appointment may continue as your therapist or may choose a different therapist for you.

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Do you offer other therapies than DBT and RO DBT?

Yes, we offer trauma therapies, cognitive behavior therapy, supportive therapy and therapy for personal growth. Our goal is to help you achieve the goals that you have for yourself and help you live your best life. We’ll work to match the therapy to your needs and also to what will be effective.

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Do you treat depression?

Yes, we treat situational depression as well as chronic depression. Our therapists help you identify the changes that can make a long term difference in your life. Treating chronic depression means understanding your basic personality type and choosing the treatment that is best suited for your temperament. We’ll work together with you to find the answers that make a difference in your life.

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Do you treat anxiety?

Yes, we can help whether it is social anxiety, generalized anxiety, chronic anxiety or agoraphobia.  Anxiety keeps you trapped and it’s hard to feel joy or happiness when you are anxious. After assessing your concerns, we’ll work with you to design a treatment plan to reach your goals.

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