Dialectical Behavior Therapy

At the DBT Center, we practice Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as it was created and extensively researched by Marsha Linehan, PhD. Karyn Hall, Ph.D., the Director of the Center,, is certified by the DBT Linehan Board of Certification. Other clinicians at the Center are actively pursuing certification.

DBT is an evidenced-based treatment for individuals who have difficulty managing their emotions such that their emotions are interfering with their ability to live a contented life. Evidenced-based means that research has shown the treatment to be effective. In addition, the Center tracts the effectiveness of our work and the results show that the majority of clients experience improvement when they complete the program.

“I always thought that as an Emotionally Sensitive Person, my emotions were my greatest liability. At the DBT Center, I learned that they are not only my greatest asset, but that my capacity to feel so deeply was actually a super power! Like any good super power, this capacity needed to be controlled so that I could navigate the world effectively. DBT was my super power training, and every day I practice my skills is a day I stand to be an effective champion of my own human experience! The DBT Center helped me create my life worth living.”


Achieve emotional balance & stability through DBT Therapy with the experts at DBT Center in Houston, TX.


More about our DBT program

DBT includes the following:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly skills group
  • Phone Coaching
  • Team Consultation for the Therapist

DBT is an effective treatment for those are controlled by their emotions or who are under-contrlled. DBT has been shown to be effective for individuals who:

  • Are suicidal or have suicidal ideation
  • Engage in self-harm impulsively
  • Have intense emotions
  • Act impulsively
  • Use destructive behaviors to feel better
  • Have chaotic relationships
  • Feel empty
  • Have a limited sense of identity