There is so much loneliness in the world today. Blame it on the pandemic or technology or something else but loneliness is epidemic. Loneliness is one of the primary issues for perfectionists, people who have built significant wealth, CEO’s and also those who are hardworking and focused on goals. You can be surrounded by people and still be lonely-that’s emotional loneliness. Maybe you’ve tried to make friends as an adult and it just hasn’t worked. Getting out of emotional loneliness can be a mystery and it takes some patience. However, there are ways you can increase intimacy and connection in your life, no romantic relationship necessary.


Here are 3 suggestions that can help you increase intimacy:

1. Show up for others and be mindful of the relationship. Birthdays, holidays, school events, doctor’s appointments, nightly dinners, parties and the like are opportunities to connect. Maybe you hate parties and other events and see such gatherings as a waste of time. It’s not about what you do or accomplish or what the event is or isn’t, it’s about the other person. Being there for that person and giving your time to show you care about them is part of connecting. While you are there, put your phone down. Focus on the person who is with you or with whom you are talking. Be present.

2. Give up being a small talk snob. Bored by small talk? Maybe even feel superior or above it and judge others who engage in useless chit chat? Actually small talk is a gateway for new relationships. It’s a way of testing out who is safe and who isn’t, who you’d like to get to know and who you wouldn’t before you reveal vulnerable information about yourself. Small talk is like dating to find someone you want to commit to. Small talk can lead to more intimate relationships.

3. Self disclose but don’t vomit your emotional insides. If you’re ready to move the relationship a step or two further toward intimacy, then give some information about yourself. You may be used to only asking questions about others and not self-disclosing but self-disclosure is the key to intimacy. In relationships revealing information about yourself is best done in steps, gradually offering more and more intimate information. Talk about your views on current events or share information about vacation challenges before you reveal your deepest fears or most embarrassing moments.If you are lonely and would like to work on emotional intimacy, call us. We can help.

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